Greenberg Glusker's Summer Program
Greenberg Glusker's summer program is designed to introduce outstanding second-year law students to the Firm and our practices, with the expectation that they will join us upon graduation from law school.  Historically, a very high percentage of our summer clerks have been offered and have accepted full-time positions with the Firm.

Our summer program provides summer associates with a realistic experience of what it is to be an attorney at Greenberg Glusker. Work assignments are not limited to library research and memos, but also include practical assignments such as drafting agreements and preparing pleadings. In addition, summer associates have the opportunity to see how we practice law outside of the office, and are regularly invited to attend events such as client meetings, business deal “closings,” mediations, depositions, motion hearings and trials.

Each summer associate is paired with a junior associate as a “big sib” to assist in the transition from law school to a law firm environment.  Summer associates receive feedback on their work on an ongoing basis throughout the summer, as well as a more formal mid-summer and end-of-summer review.

Of course, the summer is not all work and no play. Summer associates are also treated to some of the best activities that Los Angeles has to offer, including concerts, museum tours, sporting events and parties. In addition, we offer summer associates the opportunity to interact with our attorneys and their spouses/significant others outside of the workplace, both in small group settings and Firmwide events.

What Students Say About Greenberg Glusker’s Summer Program

"The summer program at Greenberg has a great mix of social events and real work experience.  You really get a sense for what it's like to work at Greenberg, but it never feels overwhelming."  --Aaron, UCLA Law School

"I couldn't believe how interesting some of the cases I got to be involved with were!  Whether it was going to hear oral argument at the California Supreme Court or working to get an injunction against a major TV show, my summer was filled with fun and engaging legal work."  --Rachel, Harvard Law School

"I enjoyed the work more than I expected!  I was doing real work and helping real clients who seemed to really appreciate it.  The social calendar was well designed--not too overwhelming and every event a real hit.  Greenberg Glusker is a friendly, warm place, where people work hard but at the end of the day they go home and have a life beyond the office.  The balance between work-life and office life, along with the prospect of working with the top professionals in their field, made my decision to work for Greenberg Glusker easy.”  --Alla, UCLA Law School

"A summer at Greenberg Glusker was undoubtedly a summer well-spent. I found an opportunity to explore all of my different interests in the law, as well as discover altogether new ones.  I consistently received meaningful feedback and encouragement from partners and associates alike, and finished the summer with a solid of understanding of not only what the firm did, but what I could do within it.  Beyond work, though, Greenberg was a place where being a lawyer didn't mean I couldn't be myself.  My colleagues at Greenberg were as enjoyable as people as they were talented as lawyers, and from early on, I knew it was a place I could feel good about returning to."  --Ken, Harvard Law School

Fall Recruiting
Greenberg Glusker conducts on campus and callback interviews with second-year law students between August and October.  Check our OCI 2014 calendar for specific dates and interviewers.

The Interviewing Process
Greenberg Glusker spends a full day or two at each of the schools we visit.  Prior to our visit, law students can sign up to meet with one of our attorney interviewers.  If you are notified that our schedules are full, feel free to drop off your resume and transcript with a Greenberg Glusker interviewer during our visit.

Receiving A Callback
Our on-campus attorney interviewers extend callback invitations within one week following the interview.  For non-local residents who receive a callback, the Firm will cover all travel-related expenses. 

To ensure we don’t over commit, our attorney interviewers are given authority to extend a limited number of callbacks, and they often have difficult decisions to make.  We attempt to notify students by first-class mail within seven days of the on-campus interview if they are not receiving a callback. 

The Callback
Students will be invited back for a half day of interviews, at which time they will have the opportunity to meet and interact with approximately ten of the Firm’s attorneys.

After the Callback
Greenberg Glusker’s Recruiting Committee meets to review evaluations of law students who recently visited our office.  We strive to notify students of the results of their callback within five days.  If you receive an offer, you will be asked to respond within 45 days in accordance with NALP guidelines.

2015 On-Campus Interview Schedule

UC Davis:  August 10th, 2015

UCLA:  August 4th-5th, 2015

USC:  August 6th-7th, 2015 

Harvard:  August 14th, 2015

Stanford:  resume collection

UC Irvine: resume collection

Loyola: resume collection 

Summer Program Contacts

Brian Kang
Hiring Partner
Email Brian Kang 

Kimberly Lahs 
Executive Director 
Email Kimberly Lahs