Sumner Redstone Ordered to Testify at His Competency Trial: Statement of Pierce O’Donnell

May 2016

            Today Judge David Cowan ordered that Sumner Redstone must give testimony at the upcoming trial on his mental competency commencing on Friday, May 6th.  Judge Cowan ruled that Manuela’s counsel will be able to take his testimony under oath in a videotaped session at his home before trial and play the tape at trial.  The examination will be limited to 15 minutes for each side.

            Judge Cowan made a Solomonic judgment assuring that he is able to hear from Redstone while at the same time respecting his dignity, privacy, and health.  We are pleased that we will be able to provide the Court with this highly relevant testimony about Redstone’s lack of capacity and being unduly influenced when he removed Manuela as his healthcare agent on October 16, 2015.

            Most importantly, this is another positive development in Manuela’s determined effort to protect her beloved friend and confidante of 17 years. The evidence at trial will show that Sumner Redstone was not of sound mind and did not act with a free will.  When he was competent and not preyed upon those who are supposed to safeguard his welfare, Redstone wanted Manuela to be the person who cared for him the rest of his life. 

Click here to see the Court Ruling ordering Mr. Redstone to testify.