Statement of Pierce O’Donnell, Attorney for Keryn Redstone - Massachusetts Judge Denies Motions To Dismiss In Redstone Lawsuit

July 2016


In a 76-page decision, Judge George Phelan has denied today the motions to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Philippe Dauman and George Abrams challenging the mental capacity of Sumner M. Redstone and the undue influence exerted by Shari Redstone in orchestrating the removal of them as Trustees of the Sumner M. Redstone National Amusements Trust, Inc. and as Directors of National Amusements Inc. The Court has set the case for trial this October.

Keryn Redstone is thrilled that Judge Phelan has seen through Shari Redstone’s smokescreen of blatant lies and half-truths and will conduct a full blown trial in October. We are confident that the truth will speak the power, and Judge Phelan will find that Sumner is mentally incapacitated and was manipulated by, lied to, and unduly influenced by Shari in her unquenchable thirst to illegally seize control of her father’s media empire. The day of reckoning is drawing near.

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To view a PDF of Honorable Phelan's Ruling decision click here.