Our People

Name (Last, First) Phone Practice Areas Email Connect
Alexander, Benjamin
310.201.7522 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Bankruptcy, Reorganization & Capital Recovery
Andelson, Bruce D.
310.201.7464 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Apfelberg, Andrew M.
310.201.7408 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Emerging Technology & New Media
Banks, Sedina L.
310.201.7436 Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability
Banner, Keith
310.201.7469 Bankruptcy Representative Matters, Bankruptcy, Reorganization & Capital Recovery
Baradaran, Bob
310.785.6829 Real Estate, Sports, Entertainment
Berman, Brian D.
310.201.7419 Private Client Services, Taxation
Bertrando, Nancy A.
310.201.7483 Employment Law, Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Bingham, Theodore
310.785.6811 Real Estate
Blechner, Paul
310.201.7546 Employment Law, Employment Litigation, Entertainment, Entertainment Litigation, General Commercial Litigation, Litigation, Real Estate Litigation
Cestero, Ricardo P.
310.785.6809 Intellectual Property Litigation, Litigation, Real Estate Litigation
Chooljian, Laura M.
310.201.7571 Private Client Services, Taxation
Cluster, Darryl
310.201.7444 Private Client Services, Taxation
Coan, Craig S.
310.785.6823 Acquisitions & Sales, Corporate, Finance & Securities, Financing, Leasing, Project Development , Real Estate
Cranston, David E.
310.785.6897 Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability
Davidoff, Brian L.
310.201.7520 Bankruptcy, Reorganization & Capital Recovery, Corporate, Finance & Securities
Dresie, Lee A.
310.201.7466 Litigation, Real Estate
Ellman, Dennis B.
310.201.7417 Real Estate
Eskenazi, Bonnie E.
310.785.6857 Entertainment, Litigation
Fenster, Fred A.
310.785.6866 Litigation, Real Estate
Fields, Bertram
310.201.7454 Entertainment, Sports, Litigation
Fields, Ken
310.201.7462 Real Estate, Corporate, Finance & Securities, Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Finch, Robin
310.785.6856 Real Estate
Finkelstein, Henry D.
310.201.7458 Real Estate
Fishelman, Lauren
310.785.6886 Employment Law, Litigation
Friedman, Harvey R.
310.201.7491 Litigation, Real Estate
Gafni, Aaron L.
310.201.7452 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Emerging Technology & New Media
Galsor, Matt
310.201.7437 Entertainment
Geller, Josh
310.201.7460 General Commercial Litigation, Litigation
Greenberg, Arthur N.
310.201.7402 Litigation, Real Estate, Real Estate Litigation
Hanken, Garrett L.
310.201.7407 Climate Change & Sustainability, Environment, Litigation, Real Estate
Haroutunian, Sarkis
310.785.6888 Environment, Environmental Litigation, Litigation
Haye, Julia R.
310.201.7432 Entertainment, Litigation
Hill, James W.
310.785.6868 Litigation
Hochberg, William I.
310.201.7493 Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Music Law
Hollowed, Cherish
310.785.6873 Real Estate
Hong, Patricia
310.201.7523 Acquisitions & Sales, Real Estate
Hong, Richard L.
310.785.6847 Corporate, Finance & Securities
Iwasaka, Ryan
310.201.7405 Real Estate
Jackman, Sherry E.
310.201.7526 Air Quality, Brownfields, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Climate Change & Sustainability, Environment, Environmental Litigation, Litigation, Regulatory & Compliance Counseling, Superfund
James, Sally
310.201.7568 Entertainment, Taxation
Kang, Brian H.
310.201.7473 Real Estate
Kaplan, Gary L.
310.201.7416 Taxation, Corporate, Finance & Securities
Krieger, Jeffrey A.
310.785.6869 Bankruptcy, Reorganization & Capital Recovery, Real Estate
Lane, Wendy E.
310.785.6870 Employment Law, Litigation, Employment Litigation
Levine, Norman H.
310.201.7451 Litigation, Intellectual Property
Lipson, Stefanie J.
310.785.6840 Private Client Services, Taxation
Lurie, Steven J.
310.201.7495 Real Estate
Machtinger, Sidney J.
Marshall, Robert F.
310.201.7448 Entertainment, Litigation
Melissinos, John
310.201.7536 Bankruptcy, Reorganization & Capital Recovery
Milostan, Brandon
310.785.6885 Employment Law, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Music Law
Mirell, Douglas E.
310.201.7415 Entertainment, Entertainment Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Litigation
Molen, James R.
310.785.6849 Entertainment, Litigation
Moodie, William D.D.
310.201.7521 Corporate, Finance & Securities
Moore, Sky
310.201.7559 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Entertainment, Taxation
Moriarty, Elisabeth
310.785.6859 Entertainment, Litigation
Moskal, Brian
310.785.6833 Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability
Moss, Aaron J.
310.785.6814 Intellectual Property, Litigation, Entertainment, Emerging Technology & New Media
Muir, Mark
310-785-6881 Entertainment
Nyquist, Pete
310.201.7540 Environment, Environmental Litigation
O’Donnell, Pierce
310.201.7558 Environment, Intellectual Property, Litigation
Perlmutter-Gumbiner, Eric
310.201.7438 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions
Petas, Marc E.
310.201.7470 Real Estate
Raney, Kelly M.
310.201.7409 Employment Law, Employment Litigation, Litigation
Resser, Bernard M.
310.785.6827 Litigation, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Rivetti, Megan F.
310.785.6844 Private Client Services
Saivar, Jesse
310.201.7549 Intellectual Property, Emerging Technology & New Media , Entertainment, Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Savranskaia, Alla
310.785.6810 Entertainment
Sbardellati, Elizabeth M.
310.201.7525 Litigation, Intellectual Property
Shabani, Natasha
310.201.7456 Intellectual Property, Emerging Technology & New Media , Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Shephard, Charles N.
310.201.7494 Litigation, Intellectual Property, Entertainment
Sher, Kevin
310.785.6834 Real Estate
Sokol, Jonathan B.
310.201.7423 Insurance Coverage, Environment, Intellectual Property
Sopori, Priya
310.201.7447 Employment Law, Entertainment, General Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property
Spillers, Katy
310.201.7576 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Emerging Technology & New Media , Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Stein, Steven
310.785.6871 Litigation
Steinberg, Ira M.
310.201.7575 Litigation
Sterman, Karina
310.201.7475 Litigation
Stern, Marc M.
310.201.7489 Private Client Services, Probate, Estates & Trusts Litigation, Taxation
Stone, Daniel G.
310.201.7578 Copyright, Employment Law, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Trademark
Swearingen, James L.
310.785.6816 Litigation, Entertainment Litigation, Real Estate Litigation
Sweet, Richard J.
310.785.6825 Corporate, Finance & Securities
Toohey, Timothy J.
310.201.7450 Intellectual Property
Walker, William M.
310.201.7482 Litigation, International, Entertainment, Intellectual Property
Watson, Elizabeth
310.201.7439 Land Use, Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability, Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Webb, Ryan D.
310.201.7569 Entertainment
Weinstein, Joel
310.201.7485 Corporate, Finance & Securities, Restaurant, Food & Beverage
Werderitch, Lori L.
310.201.7486 Litigation
Whiting, Jason T.
310.785.6863 Charities & Nonprofit Organizations, Private Client Services, Taxation, Trusts & Estates Administration, Trusts & Estates Planning
Wu, Lydia W.
310.201.7433 Real Estate
Zwicker, Laura A.
310.785.6819 International, Private Client Services, Taxation
Name (Last, First) Phone Title Email Connect
Caterson, Teri
310.785.6872 Chief Financial Officer
Jay, Marjorie
310.785.6853 Director of Library & Research Services
Morse, Heather
310.785.6864 Director of Marketing
Neesen, David
310.201.7421 Chief Information Officer
Robinson, Brenda
310.201.7498 Director of Business Development