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A Path Toward Legalizing Interstate Cannabis Sales? Analyzing California Senate Bill 1326

Episode 14

Cannabis remains illegal federally and in many states.  The states that have legalized cannabis have a confusing patchwork of rules and regulations.  As such, crossing state lines can create major problems in the cannabis space.  California Senate Bill No. 1326 proposes to help address this issue by allowing licensed cannabis companies in California to engage in interstate commerce.

In this edition of “The Grass is Always Greenberg,” Priya Sopori, Michelle Mabugat, Alexa Steinberg and Steve Stein discuss Senate Bill 1326, including the bill’s enforceability, the pros and cons it could create for clients, its potential economic impact and its effect on competition.  They also look at the bill’s implications for the cannabis industry as a whole, both inside and outside the Golden State.