Brandon Milostan

Fax 310-201-2350

Representative Experience

  • Drafted 360 agreements on behalf of a major media company and a private investor
  • Drafted and negotiated television writing agreements
  • Facilitated copyright clearance for artist’s music video
  • Drafted and negotiated motion picture executive producer agreements
  • Drafted and negotiated digital distribution agreements with leading international music and video distribution companies
  • Negotiated synchronization and e-video licenses
  • Drafted and negotiated co-publishing and admin agreements with top music publishers
  • Drafted and negotiated artist-producer agreements on behalf of both artists and producers
  • Advised media company on copyright law in the reality-competition television context
  • Drafted and negotiated trademark licenses and merchandise agreements
  • Interpreted motion picture co-production/development agreement
  • Negotiated the termination of a co-publishing agreement on behalf of a songwriter
  • Advised recording artists and songwriters regarding a lawsuit against a major music streaming company
  • Represented songwriter in copyright infringement action
  • Defended media companies/networks and video game publishers in employment-related claims
  • Defended music publisher against claims for unpaid royalties