Another setback for cannabis companies suing in federal court

January 23, 2023Media Mention
Daily Journal

Cannabis Co-Chair Priya Sopori spoke to Daily Journal about a recent case telling a plaintiff she lacked standing to seek relief in the federal courts. 


There are many reasons a plaintiff might want access to the federal courts, said Los Angeles-based Priya Sopori, founder and co-chair of Greenberg Glusker’s Cannabis Industry Group. These range from “the gravitas of the federal courts” to the chance to have “two bites at the apple.” But she said one of the biggest issues is access to legal expertise.

“You’re dealing with large firms that are more comfortable bringing the claims where they are traditionally heard and assuming that a federal court may be more familiar with adjudicating those claims,” Sopori said. “If you’ve got a multinational, multistate firm, it’s going to often practice in federal court.”