Facing Climate Change in the Courtroom Requires Innovative Touch

December 20, 2021Media Mention
Bloomberg Law

Environmental Partner, Noah Perch-Ahern, shared his perspective with Bloomberg Law regarding the increase in climate litigation and the question of whether an attorney may be doing something they don't agree with when taking on a case. According to Noah, it comes with the job and every client is entitled to legal representation. 


“It’s sort of beside the point whether you agree with it,” he said. “If you’re a lawyer, and you have a client, you just need to make the best arguments you can and try to come out victorious in whatever legal challenge you’re confronting.”

"It’s not fair to vilify lawyers for representing clients," Perch-Ahern said. "Every client deserves and is entitled to legal representation, and someone has to do that job for them."

“When you’re hired in a big environmental case, whatever it is, and you start really diving in and you’re fighting the good fight, what you realize is these are gray issues oftentimes."

"Climate change is bigger than the judicial system and bigger than America. It’s a worldwide problem, and regardless of how the court cases turn out, more needs to be done to solve its challenges, he said. Congress in particular can do 'a heck of a lot more.'”

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