M&A for a Family Office: How a multidisciplinary approach yields better results

November 12, 2018Article
Middle Market Growth

To paraphrase George Orwell, every deal is unique, but some deals are more unique than others. And at the risk of overselling the metaphor, when it comes to a family office acquiring a company as an investment, its ability to engineer transactions from a bespoke perspective often results in innovative, custom solutions that serve both the business and the family. Family members’ needs go beyond those of a typical limited partner in a private equity fund and transactions need to be evaluated, structured and implemented accordingly.

Family offices exist to provide for the unique, sometimes idiosyncratic needs of multiple generations. In that context, value (or lack thereof) is not simply a financial term. It is highly personal, dependent on the individuals involved—their strengths, weaknesses, plans and priorities. All of which can, and perhaps should, profoundly affect both the structure of a transaction and the places and ways in which value is identified.