Making family offices your go-to source of capital

February 17, 2022Media Mention
CFO Dive

Corporate Partner, Andrew Apfelberg, shares his thoughts with CFO Dive regarding the value-add that family offices can provide to family businesses that are looking to invest. These funds typically become available through the sale of a family's business interests. Andrew believes that the pros for a business to seek funding from family offices outweighs the cons, as there are an estimated $6 trillion to $7 trillion available.


"On the pro side, family offices tend to be more narrow in focus for their desired areas of investment," Apfelberg said. "They know a lot about those industries. As such, they can often be more efficient in vetting a prospect, finding value when others don’t and are able to provide real introductions and best practices when they acquire the company. Because family offices are built around former executives, they are able to speak the same language as a prospect in a way that many private equity professionals are not able to communicate."

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