How's he doing, so far?

February 24, 2017Media Mention
SC Magazine

Dana Simberkoff, chief compliance and risk officer, AvePoint: Cybersecurity, hacking, and the threat of data breaches are topics that have moved from the shadows to front page headlines. Appropriately, the 2017 federal budget allocates more than $19 billion for cybersecurity – an increase of more than 35 percent year over year. With all that President Trump is inheriting in terms of cybersecurity issues, it isn't a surprise that he is already drafting an executive order on the subject, but I would recommend continued consultation with cybersecurity experts before putting anything into action.

Operationally, government agencies should implement a strong mandate for security and privacy by design across all agency programs and assets. Traditionally there has been a perception that privacy is where “IT goes to die” and that security “leads with no.” Whether deserved or not, this is not an effective way to build a collaborative team. Instead, it's important for security and privacy officers as well as legal counsel to take the steps to “bake privacy in” as a fundamental ingredient and a foundational tenant of their development lifecycles. Data protection must be embedded in every step of the process – from the whiteboard stage of a new IT project, program, system, or campaign through the design, development, quality assurance and release of the very same system.

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