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Writers Strike Fears Put Hollywood on High Alert as Studios Prep Plans

April 27, 2017Article

The scenario of a strike has sounded plenty of alarms with studios now planning for amped-up security on May 2 along with starting to craft internal memos to inform employees how to deal with multiple contingencies. Late-night talk shows and soap operas would go off the air that Tuesday. Depending on who you ask, the level of concern is either as high as it was 10 years ago or nowhere near what it was in 2007.

“Ten years ago, I would get a phone call from a client or a producer every five or 10 minutes,” one prominent manager told Variety. “That’s not the case this time.”

The bluster from both sides that accompanied the run-up to the 2007 strike has been absent this week after the WGA received a 96.3% backing from its members for a strike authorization on April 24. Attorney Dan Stone of Greenberg Glusker told Variety that the situation is difficult to predict.

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