Young Professionals in Energy: New Frontiers in the Energy/Water Nexus

January 30, 2018
2018 VerdeXchange Conference

Yair Crane, Cleantech Development Manager, US-China Cleantech Center; Co-Chair, Young Professionals in Energy
Noah Perch-Ahern, Partner, Glaser Weil; Co-Chair, Young Professionals in Energy

Brian Jordan,Vice President, Tetra Tech
Sonaar Luthra, CEO, Water Canary
Liang Downey,Business Executive - Energy, Environmental, & Utilities Global Industry, IBM
Eva Pauly-Bowles, International Sales Director, Ciel & Terre
Leneyde Chavez, Government Affairs and Outreach Coordinator, Carollo Engineers

California devotes nearly 20% of its generated electricity and 30% of its non-power-plant natural gas resources to transporting, treating, heating and consuming water, as well as disposing of wastewater. Addressing the energy/water nexus is a tremendous challenge—and opportunity—for both our drought-stricken state and the world, especially given the potential of disruptive technologies like blockchain and realtime data to provide and maintain reliable water supply.

VERDEXCHANGE commits to:

1) connecting the green dots to spur growth of the green economy and the use of clean energy while reducing greenhouse gas pollution

 2) offering commercial entrepreneurs, global investors, environmental stewards, and public officials information and a marketplace for continually learning of innovations, opportunities, and public policies that are driving the trillion dollar global energy and climate change marketplace

 3) spurring growth of the green economy