Growing Pains Predicted from Energy-Use Bill

May 28, 2013Media Mention

Two new California bills that will go into effect as laws soon were the topic of discussion at the recent AIR Commercial Real Estate Association seminar series here: Assembly Bill 1103 and Senate Bill 1186. Both will impose requirements on property owners and brokers once they take effect, but early planning can go a long way toward easing the growing pains predicted for each. Partner Elizabeth Watson spoke with about these two bills. 


Watson, a LEED accredited professional, explained, “The purpose of the law is to require the disclosure of the energy usage of a building and compare it to the energy efficiency of comparable buildings nationwide. In most cases, a building would receive an Energy Star rating of from 1 to 100, with 75 or above being the most energy efficient.”

“Ultimately, the process will be mechanical, but the challenge is planning ahead. It’s critical to access your utility bills for the past 12 months,” Watson said.

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