War Stories: Pierce O’Donnell On The Art Buchwald Trial (Webinar Replay Available)

May 26, 2020 at 12:30pm1:30pm (PDT)

In this first of a new series from the Beverly Hills Bar Association entitled “War Stories,” legendary litigator Pierce O’Donnell explains the landmark 3-phase trial in which he won in a landmark victory against Paramount Pictures for humorist and author Art Buchwald in 1990-1992. The lawsuit alleged that Paramount had failed to give plaintiffs credit for the original story of Eddie Murphy's 1988 hit movie Coming to America, and the win blew the lid off the major Hollywood studios' accounting practices, which had enabled them to deprive talent of millions of dollars in royalties by claiming that top-grossing films earned zero net profits. It continues to have major relevance to today’s litigators, transactional lawyers and studio executives.

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