CLOSING THE GAP II – Mining the opportunities

June 6, 2018 at 2:30pm
MIDEM 2018 in Cannes, France


Panel Line-up:

-              Opening remarks and Panel 1 introduction

-              PANEL 1 – RE-THINKING THE VALUE GAP – is it all about “Safe Harbour”?


Ken Abdo

Simon Anderson

Marcelo Goyanes

Ralf Kitzberger

Stephanie Rotelli

-              Panel 2 – CLOSING THE GAP I – Getting the infrastructure right


Ben McEwen

Daniel Campello Queiroz

Olivier Sasserath

Mark Vermaat

Angela Rose White

-              PANEL 3 – CLOSING THE GAP II – Mining the opportunities


Hans Bousie

Bill Hochberg

Enzo Mazza

Anne-Marie Pecoraro

Stefano Vaccarino

-              Closing Remarks

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