Drug Testing and Smoking Bans: Tips and Legal Limits for Controlling the Use of Marijuana, E-Cigarettes, and More

October 12, 2017
BLR's California Employment Law Update conference

How far can your pre-employment drug testing policies go here in California? What are the best practices for making job offers conditional on successfully passing a drug test? And, if a worker uses medical marijuana or engages in recreational marijuana usage—now legal under Proposition 64—what impact might that have on the offer or any subsequent enforcement of a drug-free workplace policy in the event you hire that worker?

This session also will cover:

  • Tips for mastering pre-employment drug screenings without running afoul of state and federal law
  • What to do if an employee’s drug test comes back positive for marijuana usage
  • When workplace safety concerns generally trump an employee’s right to smoke marijuana
  • The latest updates on 2016’s law on smoke-free workplace protections
  • Practical insights into how to treat “non-smoking” devices, such as e-cigarettes in your workplace, and much more