Garrett L. Hanken

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Real Estate Experience

  • In a dispute with regard to controlling ownership of a hotel in Mexico, obtained summary adjudication against several key affirmative defenses, which resulted in our client receiving a large settlement on the eve of trial
  • In a civil rights case against a City, one of its agencies, and the City’s former mayor, obtained a jury verdict which resulted in a large money judgment for our client
  • In a ground lease interpretation litigation against a City, obtained a settlement that resulted in resolution of nearly all disputed issues in favor of our client, the operator of a large facility ground leased from the City
  • In a dispute between neighbors concerning the use of a residential property for commercial filming, used litigation and the threat of litigation to effectively end the commercial use of our client’s neighbor's property
  • In a dispute among the partners in a low-income housing development project, counseled the client in the pre-litigation posturing of the dispute, which resulted in a large dollar settlement for our client without litigation even being filed
  • In a dispute among the partners in a low-income housing development project, ousted the general partner from control of the partnership and ultimately negotiated a settlement in which the general partner withdrew from the partnership
  • In a dispute with a City with regard to a water project the fees for which would have severely impacted our clients’ undeveloped land, filed judicial challenges to the city’s project that resulted in a settlement granting significant development rights to our client