Harvey R. Friedman

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Business Litigation

  • Representation of the City of New York in an action against ExxonMobil for poisoning New York City's groundwater with the gasoline additive MTBE. After a four month trial, the client obtained a $104 million jury verdict
  • Representation of an English reinsurance company in a legal malpractice action; after a month-long jury trial, the client obtained a multi-million dollar verdict
  • A case involving cross-claims for breach of a contract between preferred provider organizations (PPOS) in the health care field; after a 50-day trial, the client obtained a $12.2 million-dollar judgment
  • Representation of a significant number of high net worth individuals who sued a national accounting firm and major law firm for fraud arising from tax advantaged investments; the cases were settled on very favorable terms for the clients
  • Representation of a major mortgage banking firm in an ERISA action involving real estate loans made by a pension trust; the claim asserted against the client totaled $100 million; the case was settled after lengthy discovery without the client having to make any payment