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  • Can you handle the truth? Are you prepared for the new reality? My peer and colleague, Leigh Dance, just posted this article in the LME group: Turf war: Law firm bosses see Big Four as ‘threat’ as they aggressively expand into legal sector. I’m leaving it in big, bold print because it is one of the most important things you can read today. This is a pivotal moment in the legal industry, and I can already hear the lawyers doing what they were trained to do and do best: pick away at the argument and... More
  • What should I read today? I don’t know. My feed is too cluttered. I’m not sure about you, but I receive dozens of emails, e-newsletters, links, and posts of items I should be reading, today. I could spend the first two+ hours of my day just sorting through all the things I should know, or at least should be aware of in, and still not make a dent. I keep sorting it, trying to manage it all, and currently I have: a folder dedicated to daily newsletters that I rarely visit, but at least... More
  • Is the “game changer” for the legal industry finally here? Forget a hero, the legal industry needs a game changer. We’re continuing to operate like it’s still 1999, and, let’s face it, the world has moved on, yet our business model is still, fundamentally, unchanged. In my 20 years as a legal marketing executive, as well as a very vocal member of the law firm and business of law ecosystems, I have watched as the different disruptors have risen, only to see the skeptical lawyer mindset argue away its value and... More
  • If you’re happy and you know it … better yet, if you don’t I’m coming off an interesting couple weeks where the theme apparently was happiness. And before you start rolling your eyes, give me a moment (because I’m just as skeptical as you when people in legal start spouting off about happiness). According to Psychology Today, happiness is more than simply positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life—that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction.” Let’s face it. THAT does not sound like the typical law... More
  • Free advice on a Friday afternoon I am attending the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Women’s Summit. Our firm is a sponsor, and our partner Karina Sterman was a panelist. For the legal marketers reading this post: get out of the office and attend the events you sponsor. I am always “too busy” to attend, but I am reminded once again today why it’s so important. First of all, I now understand this event, the nuances, and how to market this event within our firm. Even if our table... More
  • My lessons from a less than perfect website redesign process I see so many programs on “How to launch a perfect website.” Well, let me tell you my truth: My website redesign process was less than perfect, and Robert Algeri and I are talking about doing a program about the truths behind a law firm website roll out. But we launched our website on Monday, and, I can honestly say, the website came out perfect. It speaks to our brand, our history, and our future. And isn’t that the goal when... More
  • 3 takeaways from this year’s Chambers rankings The Chambers and Partners USA rankings were released last week and I had a great talk with one of the deputy editors to really go over our results, especially the why and where we could improve on our end. This is a call I make every year, and I always glean new information that helps me to better understand not just our Chambers rankings, but our attorneys and the work that they do. 1. Follow the damn template. Several times we were... More
  • Inflexion Acquired Chambers. Now What? Just as we were getting ready to head out to the LMA Annual Conference, news broke that Chambers and Partners had been acquired by private equity house Inflexion. Today’s guest blogger, Linda Hazelton, Hazelton Marketing & Management, picked up the phone and spoke to Mark Wyatt, Chambers’ CEO. Amongst the many services of Hazelton Marketing & Management is the writing of Chambers and other directory submissions on behalf of lawyers and law firms, so Linda’s insights to our community are very... More
  • #LMA18 – Experience Management or My 2019 project Finishing up rolling out a new website in 2018, but already looking ahead to 2019 and my need to roll out an experience management system. Looking at the different products and excited to hear the case studies in this session. Kudos to the moderator for not just including people using their product. Why do you need an experience database? Tips Pick a time frame for the data to import for the project (5-10 years) Each practice to decide the parameters for the data to collect System... More
  • #LMA18 – Lateral Acquisitions: Setting the Stage for Success The Winston team is here to present on lateral success, especially surrounding their launch of their Dallas office (50 attorneys from nine different firms). But let me just say, it’s nice being in a room that is a good size and classroom sized. Yeah!! (Still no power strip, but girl can’t have it all in life). The Panel Learning Outcomes Setting the Stage Phases of Lateral Growth Strategy/Strategic Plan Does this expansion/hire fit into your strategic plan Recruiting Choose your headhunter well in the market you’re entering. Reputation... More