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  • Time to Shake Things Up I had an interesting conversation with an industry colleague yesterday. He made reference to my “super power”: The ability to shake things up. Others refer to it as being a PITA (pain in the a$$). Or bossy. Or, how’s this: a strategic thought leader unafraid of taking risks to achieve results. I used to be afraid of my super power. I used to shy away from it, down play it, sit on the sides of the conference room table rather than... More
  • The science behind good gifting The holidays are officially upon us and the stress of gifting as well. Black Friday, Cyber Monday be damned. But we’ve all been there. We go out of our way to purchase the “perfect gift,” only to see the recipient nod a little “thanks” in our direction. Or we give a little something, only to see the person’s face light up and joy fills the room. So before you start sending out gift baskets galore, take a moment to read this post. Gratitude... More
  • Survey says: We’ve still got a long way to go, baby Throughout the 1970s there was a cigarette slogan, “You’ve come a long way baby.” And, according to a recent survey conducted by ALM Intelligence and Calibrate Legal Inc., we’ve got a long, long way to go. First of all, trying to get a good compensation survey for the legal marketing and business development functions and roles in a law firm have not been easy, nor have they been consistent. The actual tool that comes with this survey allows you the ability to... More
  • My Insides vs. Your Outsides Here I am in Boston to attend the College of Law Practice Management‘s Futures Conference; set to be inducted as a Fellow this evening. Being welcomed as a Fellow in this organization is a reflection of my career, my contributions to the legal industry, and an incredible honor. I look around the room, and read about my fellow Fellows, and I am humbled. I also wonder: “Do they know who they just confirmed?” Is My Impostor Syndrome Showing? Family posing on vacation... More
  • An Open Letter to Conference Organizers, Panel Moderators, and Speakers Summer is over, and that means a rash of conferences will be taking place between now and the week before Thanksgiving. Calls for speakers and sponsors are starting to go out for 2019. And my budget and calendar are busted. Needless to say, I have attended, participated, and planned numerous conferences over the course of my career, and there’s just no excuse for crap programming. I’m spending time (days out of the office, away from my family, plus travel), money (usually my firm’s,... More
  • What the h*** is the Mansfield Rule? And how do I get one??? Now!!! Earlier this week I started seeing some of my legal marketing friends and colleagues touting their firms’ certification as Mansfield 2.0 and I was so excited. If you don’t know what the Mansfield Rule is, you can read more here. I also blogged on it earlier this year,  Women, diversity, law firms, and why are we still having this conversation? Nothing, and I mean NOTHING ever changes in the law firm ecosystem naturally. It is by force of the client, or... More
  • Why am I blogging while on vacation? It’s morning in Cabo. Not early morning, but morning enough. Day three of vacation. It hasn’t gone perfectly. We’re changing rooms later today. But so far so good. Everyone is getting along, and a tan has begun. So why am I blogging? Why am I not down at the spa, or packing a bag for the beach? Or getting ready to swap out our room for a better one? Because I had the worst dream last night. It was vivid, and probably... More
  • Pitch Perfect: Masterful Pitches to Get Buy-in For Your Next Project Guest post from Cynthia McCollough, Digital Marketing Strategist, University of Michigan Law School Cyndy is senior-level marketing consultant with extensive experience at law firms and global technology organizations. Her achievements are primarily focused on implementing and managing strategic marketing environments that improve efficiencies, measure results, and drive new business. You can follow Cyndy on Twitter, where she tweets on the intersection of law and technology. Learn how to deliver a persuasive pitch that will help get your project off the ground. Twitter #G019 First off,... More
  • Can you handle the truth? Are you prepared for the new reality? My peer and colleague, Leigh Dance, just posted this article in the LME group: Turf war: Law firm bosses see Big Four as ‘threat’ as they aggressively expand into legal sector. I’m leaving it in big, bold print because it is one of the most important things you can read today. This is a pivotal moment in the legal industry, and I can already hear the lawyers doing what they were trained to do and do best: pick away at the argument and... More
  • What should I read today? I don’t know. My feed is too cluttered. I’m not sure about you, but I receive dozens of emails, e-newsletters, links, and posts of items I should be reading, today. I could spend the first two+ hours of my day just sorting through all the things I should know, or at least should be aware of in, and still not make a dent. I keep sorting it, trying to manage it all, and currently I have: a folder dedicated to daily newsletters that I rarely visit, but at least... More