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In Good Company Issue No. 16

Each month we’ll be sharing positive stories that we’re hearing. Join us on this journey as we recognize these resilient companies and individuals that are finding ways to give back to the community. We're proud to be IN GOOD COMPANY.

This month's stories include:

  • Donny Makower, CEO & Co-Founder of RDCL Superfoods and Chairman of the Board at The Gentle Barn, is dedicated to plant-based and cruelty-free living. RDCL Foods created products, such as Radical Elements and Super Cocoa, to address the needs of energy, focus, stress-reduction, immunity, and nutrient supplementation.

    Donny's also dedicates his time to The Gentle Barn. The organization rescues and advocates for animals, while also educating on the benefits of plant-based living. For instance, the educational programs are designed to teach students empathy, kindness, and responsibility through direct interactions with animals.  READ MORE

  • Ushio America, Inc. developed the Care222 Far UV-C disinfection technology. Ako Williams, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, and her team worked on this new kind of UV light technology that neutralizes viruses, including COVID-19. The goal is to provide the peace of mind people need to get back to business, school, and fun.  READ MORE 

  • The Good Karma Los Angeles is a non-profit dedicated to feeding LA and serving impoverished communities. In April, Founder, Vishal Narayan, donated meals, water, and vaccines to unhoused individuals on Skid Row. READ MORE 

  • Beauty Bus Foundation launched its “Beauty Bus Heals” campaign to give back to frontline healthcare workers. 

    “Beauty Bus Heals” raises money to give frontline healthcare workers a few moments of ease and peace through much-needed beauty services. A small, but powerful way to say thank you for the hours, days, and months they’ve given to us and our communities. READ MORE 

  • Regarding Her Food (RE:Her) launched a COVID-19 relief grant program sponsored by DoorDash. RE:Her will distribute 15 cash grants of $10,000 each to female-identifying food and beverage entrepreneurs in LA County, which recipients can use to bolster their business however they see fit.