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Could a Bunch of Crazed Teenage Justin Bieber Fans Actually Be Felons? Never Say Never

February 21, 2011Article
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As the mother of a 5th grader, I am well-versed in Justin Bieber.

I’ve been to his concert, and I enjoyed it. I know his songs, and maybe I’ve been caught letting out a “baby, baby, baby” or two. I even know that his mother’s name is Pattie and his favorite color is purple (somewhere Prince has to be saying to himself, “find your own color!”). And, of course, I shared a moment of outrage with my daughter when Justin was robbed of his Grammy by Esperanza Who? I often feel like I know Justin Bieber like I used to know Duran Duran. (For the record, Nick Rhodes was way cuter than Simon Le Bon. Quite a scary thought now, though…yikes!) The swanky hair, the smile, the dance moves, whatever “it” is, he’s got it. Even my four-year-old twins giggled with excitement as they watched Justin perform at the Grammys with “The Karate Kid” (and I don’t mean Ralph Macchio, which would have been about equally entertaining but ten times creepier).

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