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Time Warner Cable v. Viacom, or, How a Cable Company Can Get Sued for Making Television Content Available to Subscribers in Their Own Homes

April 11, 2011Article
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We all agree that iPads are awesome, not least because they are probably the greatest procrastination tool ever invented. Sure, you could play Angry Birds on your iPhone, or your Mac, or your Conan O’Brien talk show stage, but there’s something about spending hours mindlessly tapping and swiping away on your iPad that really captures that special feeling you first discovered when your mom finally broke down and bought you the Atari system you’d been begging for months. And if you don’t yet own an iPad, it’s safe to assume that you wish you did, as the recent launch of the iPad 2 has made people of all levels of technological savvy more excited than ever to discover new apps to help them complete tremendously difficult, hugely important life tasks, such as holding their fingers in one place for an extended period of time, tossing pretend cows at pretend objects, and playing with zippers. Naturally, every company wants to make their services iPad-relevant.

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