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Workplace Mentoring: Taking Advantage of the Hidden Business Benefits Every Employer Can Use

February 19, 2021Article
Lady Justice, A Publication of the Primerus Women Lawyers Section

With January being National Mentoring Month, it is an opportune time for organizations of any size or industry to consider the benefits of workplace mentoring and whether to implement a mentoring program in 2021. As the past year has shown us, now more than ever, companies need to engage their employees and continue to build their businesses for the future. One way to do that is to consider the (sometimes hidden) benefits of good mentoring -- whether it is formal or informal -- within the organization for continued overall success and long-term viability. Mentoring benefits the employee as well as the employer, and also benefits the mentor him or herself. 

The following article, originally published in Lady Justice, A Publication of the Primerus Women Lawyers Section, discusses the various benefits of mentoring. 

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