Kevin Sher

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Real Estate Experience

  • Represented a landowner in sale of distressed property consisting of 95 acres of entitled land in Los Angeles County and concurrent transfer of related water rights to a residential developer. The closing required the reconveyance of a substantial lien on the subject property at a discount
  • Represented a real estate company in acquiring commercial and multi-tenant residential replacement properties for property sold under threat of condemnation in a 1033 exchange and successfully secured a rollover of the property tax basis from the original property allocated among the replacement properties pursuant to California Property Tax Rule 462.500
  • Represented a general contractor in the successful settlement of a dispute concerning the construction of a multi-tenant apartment complex where the subcontractors had filed hundreds of thousands of dollars in mechanics liens against the project as a result of the owner’s refusal to pay the general contractor for certain change orders
  • Represented client acquiring a loan secured by distressed real properties in San Bernardino and San Diego counties and in concurrent negotiations with the borrower for a deed in lieu of foreclosure and encumbrance of other assets including a yacht registered in the Marshall Islands
  • Represented a real estate investment company in converting several antiquated limited partnerships into California limited liability companies under the Uniform Limited Partnership Act and successfully secured lender approval from Chase Bank and One West Bank for the conversions
  • Represented a commercial landlord against its tenant in negotiating the successful removal of over $500,000 in mechanics liens recorded against the real property as a result of tenant alterations
  • Represented a California development company in the acquisition and financing of a large industrial property with direct-access transportation that involved a $90 million loan
  • Represented a golf course owner and operator in the acquisition of five golf courses, including related golf club facilities and amenities, in the State of Texas
  • Represented a California tenancy in common sponsor in the acquisition, financing and syndication of several multi-tenant apartment complexes in California, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico and Arizona
  • Represented various parties in the preparation of substantive nonconsolidation legal opinions required in connection with acquisition financing and refinancing of commercial and multi-tenant residential properties
  • Represented landlords in lease negotiations with major tenants such as Union Bank of California and Panda Express