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The Perils of the Paparazzi

September 6, 2010Article
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While walking (or for most people, driving) through the urban jungle of Los Angeles, it’s not unusual to see a swarm of ravenous, camera-wielding hyenas (a/k/a the paparazzi) stalking their prey (a/k/a a celebrity) outside of a restaurant or shop. Or you might see several cars speeding and swerving down a street in an attempt to capture that money shot of a big-time star gracefully traversing the streets. While I’m not one to judge (I tend to get excited when I see a celebrity in the flesh), the packs of paps seem to be a threat to both the celebrity’s and the public’s safety.

Today’s world tends to be driven by our thirst for all things celebrity, thus inviting the paparazzi to go to great lengths to snap photographs of our favorite (or not-so-favorite) stars to sell to tabloids and other publications. A photograph of a celebrity can be extremely lucrative for a paparazzo. So lucrative, in fact, that capturing the perfect photograph is worth (at least to the paparazzi) endangering the lives of the celebrity and possibly others (the other innocent bystanders may disagree about this valuation). Overly aggressive paparazzi often create risky and hazardous situations, especially when they get behind the wheel.

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