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Trump Methane Rollbacks May Spark Litigation, Hinder Greenhouse Gas Regulation

Originally published on Bloomberg Law The Trump administration’s new  final rules  governing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry culminate a multi-year process to roll back limitations promulgated toward the end of the Obama administration. Though the rules address new sources, the changes may directly affect EPA regulation...

Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Christian – Perpetuating the Cycle of Supreme Court Environmental Law Decisions that Spark Litigation and Confusion

The U.S. Supreme Court has a history of rendering muddled decisions when interpreting key environmental statutes, and with its decision in  Atlantic Richfield Co. v. Christian et al., history repeats itself. Case Overview The underlying case has a long procedural and factual background, having ping-ponged up to the Montana...

Superfund Case in the U.S. Supreme Court - Unintended Consequences?

In a recent interview with Ellen Gilmer at E&E News, I provided insights about a new case on the Supreme Court docket involving the Anaconda Smelter Stack and surrounding Superfund area in Montana. Overall, the article discussed the potential for unintended consequences if landowners in the long-running dispute over the Superfund...