CCPA: The Other Problem With A Capital “C”

July 1, 2020Article
Entertainment Human Resources Network

Karina Sterman, a partner in Greenberg Glusker’s Employment Law Group, has contributed the article, "CCPA: The Other Problem With A Capital "C"", discussing the California Consumer Privacy Act as it relates to employers, to the June/July 2020 edition of the Entertainment Human Resources Network and Los Angeles Advertising Human Resources Professionals newsletters.


With the all-encompassing distraction of keeping up with the evolving COVID-related guidances, ordinances, and regulations, many employers have forgotten the other looming problem with a capital “C” – California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). With its misleading title, many businesses believe it is only outward-facing, toward their consumers. However, aspects of the CCPA apply inwardly to employees.

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