Representative Experience

  • Successfully settled a substantial palimony action in favor of the defendant shortly before our client’s summary judgment motion was to be heard.
  • Settled multiple actions, against an estate relating to an alleged gift of stock and other claims totaling approximately $14 million, for significantly less than 10 percent of the amount claimed.
  • Obtained a seven-figure judgment against a former trustee and defeated the former trustee’s petitions to approve its accounting and obtain payment of substantial legal fees.
  • Successfully settled an intensely litigated elder abuse action and a related petition in the probate court brought against our client.  The settlement involved our client paying virtually nothing and receiving reimbursement of the attorney’s fees incurred.
  • Defended in the U.S. Tax Court a $100 million self-dealing IRS tax assessment against the executor of the estate of an internationally recognized artist. The ultimate settlement resulted in no taxes paid by the executor.
  • Obtained court reformation of a $200 million testamentary trust and negotiated with the IRS to achieve desired estate tax objectives.
  • Achieved a favorable settlement for our client, a widow, who brought litigation against her deceased husband's multimillion-dollar estate.  Grounds for the lawsuit included that she did not have independent counsel at the time she consented to her husband's will which disinherited her.
  • Negotiated a settlement on behalf of a trust beneficiary of a multi-hundred million-dollar trust based in the Midwest. The trust was the majority owner of a publicly owned communications and media company headquartered in the South and the dispute was among family members.