'A Seismic Shift': How California Law Firm Leaders Are Managing Through Continued Uncertainty

October 18, 2021Media Mention
The Recorder

Managing Partner, Bob Baradaran, shares insights with The Recorder regarding law firm re-opening dates, the need to adapt in a dynamic environment, and the future of law firm operations. Bob shares that the firm plans to have people come back a few days per week starting in November, with the intent to be fully back in the office in January. 


"Bob Baradaran, Greenberg Glusker's managing partner, said there has been 'a seismic shift' and organizations need to be more flexible to adapt."

"Each law firm needs to find its balance between remote and in-person work, and he's watching how things will level off between the next six months and several years."

"But even when we get back to the office, we're going to have a flexible arrangement for our staff, where they can work from home some of the days and in the office some of the days," he said. "With our associates and partners, it's really 100% flexible. They can choose to work remotely or from the office."

"It's supporting our lawyers, and what they want to do other than just coming to the office billing hours and leaving."

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