Actors Guild Urges Judge to Save Age-Censorship Law to Combat Rampant Bias

August 25, 2017Media Mention
The Hollywood Reporter

SAG-AFTRA is firmly standing behind the controversial California law that requires IMDb to remove age and birth date information from an actor’s profile upon request. On Thursday, the guild filed papers opposing IMDb's bid to have the law declared unconstitutional.

IMDb, an subsidiary, is suing over the law on free speech grounds. The plaintiff has brought a summary judgment motion that argues that the statute passed last year by California lawmakers is a content-based restriction that isn't narrowly tailored to address the intended interest of combatting age discrimination in the entertainment industry. Besides nodding to how people like to debate actors' ages and complaining how the law censors truthful information in the public interest, IMDb suggests there's a better way to crack down on age bias.

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