Before the coronavirus, Hollywood was preparing for a writers’ strike. Why that’s less likely.

March 19, 2020Media Mention
Los Angeles Times

Hollywood has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, triggering a wave of production shutdowns, movie theater closings and thousands of job losses across the film and TV business.

Could the pandemic also disrupt key negotiations between the studios and Hollywood writers?

Until a few weeks ago, film and television business executives had been making contingency plans to prepare for a possible strike by writers, which would be the first walkout since the 2007-2008 strike that lasted 100 days and shut down much of Hollywood.

“The current economic environment makes the prospect of a writers’ strike less likely,” said Daniel Stone, partner in the litigation and entertainment and media groups at Greenberg Glusker."COVID-19 has brought film and television production to a grinding halt, and we are all living in a time of uncertainty. No one wants to face the prospect of prolonged unemployment during a recession.”