Bill Cosby Freed: Experts Weigh In on Due Process

June 30, 2021Media Mention
The Hollywood Reporter

Former federal prosecutor and current Litigation Partner, Priya Sopori, provided insight to The Hollywood Reporter regarding Bill Cosby's recent release. Pennsylvania High Court recently released Cosby on the basis that his due process rights were violated.


Former sex crimes prosecutor Priya Sopori, now a litigation partner at Greenberg Glusker, says this decision shouldn’t discourage victims. “I hope it says nothing to victims of sexual crimes,” she says. “I hope this decision says more about the willingness of a Court to protect the individual rights that are fundamental to our democracy and our system of criminal procedure as we know it — despite the horrendous conduct on which a conviction is based.”

“We can’t deny that SCOTUS has jurisdiction here, but the fact that this involves a high-profile celebrity, the testimony of multiple victims, and at the center of which is conduct from over 15 years ago, may create more baggage than SCOTUS would wish to unpack at this time,” says Sopori.

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