California Legislation And Regulation To Watch In 2018

January 1, 2018Media Mention

Tim Toohey was quoted in Kat Green’s article on California Legislation and Regulation to Watch in 2018 that ran in Law360 January 1, 2018. The article focused on key issues lawmakers will address in the coming year including sexual harassment in the workplace, the new Salary History Rule, affordable housing, and internet privacy.

Toohey commenting on the potential for regulation of privacy for connected devices said that device security in 2018 is a "very fertile area for legislation."

Toohey noted that one problem in the industry is that many new connected devices coming to market don't have strong security systems built in, sometimes leaving the devices and their owners vulnerable to hackers.

"Consumers themselves are not all that sophisticated in terms of what kind of security they have on the device, and they keep passwords at their defaults," he said. "These devices are inexpensive. They are seemingly innocuous. Consumers love them, but they don't think about the security implications."