Can Angelina's Bodyguard Get Away With Telling All?

May 3, 2009Article

Brangelina's looking to squash a bodyguard's tell-all, but with Hollywood confidentiality contracts, what makes former employees think they can get away with spilling dirt?

Greed? Naïveté? Something in between? Naïvetreed? For a split second, elbow-throwin' bodyguard Mickey Brett apparently was poised to write a tell-all on Brad PittAngelina Jolie and other Hollywood royalty.

Sandra BullockTom CruiseNicole KidmanSylvester Stalloneand Richard Gere—great day in the mornin'! Would no star be spared?

According to employment attorney Nancy Bertrando of the power firm Greenberg Glusker, many NDAs spell out specific penalties that violators must pay—say, $10,000 or $50,000.

"But the information that the employee has could be of much greater value," Bertrando points out. A six-figure advance on a book deal sure would wipe out five figures in penalties, no? That's why Bertrando's NDAs usually outline penalties on a sliding scale. It's not clear what type of penalties appeared in Brett's NDA, if there indeed was one.

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