Chambers USA 2024 Recognizes 14 Greenberg Glusker Lawyers and Five Practice Areas

June 6, 2024Press Release

Greenberg Glusker is pleased to announce that 14 of the firm's lawyers and five of its practice areas are recognized in the prestigious Chambers USA 2024 Guide.

The firm had several notable achievements again this year:

  • Real Estate Partner, Ken Fields, makes his debut on the list in Band 5.
  • Bankruptcy, Reorganization & Capital Recovery Partner, Jonathan Shenson, returns to the list in Band 4. 
  • Real Estate Partner, Steve Lurie, is elevated to Band 3 from Band 4.

We also congratulate Brian Davidoff, Jeff Krieger, Keith Banner, Priya Sopori, Alexa Steinberg, Aaron Moss, Bonnie Eskenazi, Sky Moore, Dave Cranston, Brian Moskal, and Pete Nyquist, along with our Bankruptcy, Corporate, Entertainment Litigation, Environmental, and Real Estate groups for their hard work in maintaining their positions on these esteemed lists.

Rankings of the top lawyers and law firms across the United States are compiled by Chambers and Partners’ team of 200+ researchers through the assessment of a firm’s work and opinions from external market sources, with an emphasis on client feedback.

Firms and lawyers must demonstrate sustained excellence in order to be ranked in the guide, and we are excited that Chambers has recognized the stellar work of the firm's lawyers and practice areas.

Excerpted reviews are listed below. Our full 2024 Chambers USA profile and rankings can be viewed here.

Recognized Lawyers

Brian Davidoff (Band 3) – Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Brian Davidoff is noted for his expertise in bankruptcy matters in the retail sector, with additional experience in technology-related matters.

"Brian has always been sharp, level-headed and responsive. We always felt like we were in good hands."

"Brian is both technical and polished."

Jeffrey Krieger (Band 4) – Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Jeffrey Krieger is recognized for his bankruptcy experience, particularly for his notable expertise in representing trustees.

"Jeffrey Krieger's client service and general level of service is very strong."

"Jeffrey's level of sophistication is very strong. His commercial vision is very strong."

Jonathan Shenson (Band 4) – Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Jonathan Shenson is singled out for praise by several wider market commentators, while clients regard him as a “very trusted advisor” with a “wealth of experience.”

"Jonathan handles complex matters deftly and has a wealth of experience to draw on when advising companies. Jonathan Shenson is a very experienced insolvency lawyer."

"Jonathan is a very trusted advisor for me. He has a very broad spectrum of knowledge in legal matters and is very proactive."

Keith Patrick Banner (Up and Coming) – Bankruptcy/Restructuring

Keith Banner is praised for his developing practice and expertise in both Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 proceedings.

"He is technical. He used to be on the trustee side and this gives him a unique perspective."

"He can litigate, but also chair a large Chapter 11. He is very impressive."

Priya Sopori (Band 4) - Cannabis Law

Priya Sopori is co-chair of the cannabis industry group at Greenberg Glusker and showcases a varied practice, ranging from antitrust investigations to debt financing.

"Priya Sopori's client service and general level of service, level of sophistication and commercial vision are all very strong."

"Priya is the most accomplished, well-spoken and professional attorney I have ever worked with."

Alexa Steinberg (Up and Coming) - Cannabis Law

Alexa Steinberg is skilled at assisting clients in the CBD and hemp space. She has considerable experience of providing counsel on high-value acquisitions and complex licensing issues.

"Alexa is a very talented up-and-coming star."

David Cranston (Band 3) – Environment

David Cranston offers substantive expertise in matters relating to Superfunds and broader environmental litigation.

"David is one of the most well known environmental attorneys in California for contaminated sites. He is a great man who deserves recognition."

Brian Moskal (Band 4) - Environment

Brian Moskal is increasingly noted for his capabilities in environmental litigation. He provides counsel on an array of issues, including wastewater and contaminated sites cases.

"He's our primary environmental counsel and I enjoy working with him a lot. He's responsive, smart and has gotten us some really reasonable results through negotiations."

"He was a superstar throughout the process. He'd respond immediately, even on the weekends. He was working every bit as hard as I was. He was really sensitive to the positions we wanted to take, and he did an outstanding job. It was a really great experience."

Peter Nyquist (Band 2) – Environment

Chair of the firm's environmental practice group Peter Nyquist handles environmental litigation and regulatory compliance that covers Superfund, contaminated site and CERCLA cost recovery issues. He also has expertise in water and air quality issues at both the state and federal level.

"Pete's overall level of service is exceptional. Pete Nyquist is very thorough and his knowledge regarding environmental case law is exceptional."

"He is good natured and affable, while also being a good advocate for his client."

"He is a very excellent lawyer, advocating in a collegial way."

Bonnie Eskenazi (Band 2) – Media & Entertainment: Litigation

Bonnie Eskenazi has a strong track record of handling sophisticated disputes for clients in the film industry, including copyright and profit participation matters.

"We would not be as successful if Bonnie wasn’t a part of our team. She is extremely smart not just in litigation but also regarding our overall business strategy. Bonnie is available to us 24/7."

"Bonnie has an extremely keen intellect and attention to detail, that has ended up being more important than we might have initially thought. She is an effective strategist and I greatly appreciate the preparation she took me through."

"She is so bright, smart and understands everything legal. She is wonderful with numbers. I would say she is a brilliant woman and because of this, she really knows the law. I find her really dedicated to doing a great job. She's tough when she needs to be tough and is always respectful."

Aaron Moss (Band 3) – Media & Entertainment: Litigation

Aaron Moss chairs the firm's litigation department. He is called upon by major entertainment companies to handle a range of contentious matters, including copyright and contract disputes, as well as defamation claims.

"He is an absolute expert in copyright and entertainment-related advice. He's a tenacious, client-friendly and strategic litigator."

"Aside from being hugely knowledgeable, I appreciate how he understands our appetite as a business and is able to give thoughtful, actionable advice, regardless of the matter. We always have a great strategy.."

"He is by far the most trusted counsel that we rely on for media litigation. He has always been successful. He is exceptional, being the first lawyer I want to call if we have some sort of litigation."

Sky Moore (Senior Statesperson) – Media & Entertainment: Transactional

Schuyler Moore is a seasoned attorney with vast experience handling media and entertainment transactions. His experience includes film financing and related tax issues.

"Schuyler is wicked smart."

"He has a brilliant mind for tax matters."

Ken Fields (Band 5) - Real Estate

Ken Fields attracts strong praise from clients, who regard him as “smart, creative and responsive to client needs.” He also seems to be well regarded among parts of the wider market. 

"Kenneth Fields is extremely competent, professional and detail-oriented. He keeps up to date on real estate issues, is personable and has excellent negotiating skills."

"Kenneth Fields is our main point person. He is very even-keeled; he keeps a straight head no matter the stress and knows the law 100%."

"Ken is exceptional at his job. He has a profound grasp of all legal matters and his experience is invaluable. Ken provides us with unparalleled legal advice and knowledge. I consider Ken a mentor and key member of our team. Ken Fields provides exceptional analysis of all matters."

Steve Lurie (Band 3) - Real Estate

Steven Lurie maintains a varied real estate practice that regularly sees him advise on a range of complex transactional matters. He has particular expertise in golf course-related real estate issues.

"Steve Lurie is exceptionally strong, efficient, responsive and practical on all matters."

"Steven is just awesome in providing legal services. He has an acute attention to detail, but is still able to see the big picture."

"Steve Lurie has superior communication skills and is a fierce advocate for me without being obnoxious to the other side of a transaction. He knows how to disagree without being disagreeable."

"Steve Lurie is one of the rare attorneys who can easily understand, synthesize and provide expert counsel on both the business and legal issues at play."

Recognized Practice Areas

Bankruptcy/Restructuring (Band 4)

Strong California firm with a broad bankruptcy practice. Experienced in acting for clients in matters spanning from involuntary bankruptcy cases to asset purchases. Expertise also includes Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 proceedings in addition to bankruptcy-related litigation.

“We had urgent filings and other requests and Greenberg Glusker made each process fairly painless. Their ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money is very strong. Their billing rates are much better than at other firms and we received top-class service.”

"They are extremely responsive, punctual and involved at a detailed level."

Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded (Band 1)

Strong corporate group active across a swath of transactions, including M&A, spinoffs and joint ventures. Public and private companies look to the firm for counsel in complex matters.

“It is so refreshing to be able to seek out extra staff members with specialties when we need, so that we don't need to go outside the firm. Their service levels and responsiveness are very strong. The team is responsive, communicative and has great follow-through skills. Their ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money is very strong. They keep to the budget and are always transparent about their fees.”

“They are extremely professional and polite at all levels towards everyone involved. It was a learning experience about the level of professionalism that can be attained for these types of [specific matters]. Their ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money is very strong. In my opinion, the service was superb for the fees charged.”

"The depth and breadth of their team is very strong. Not just very strong, it is extra, extra strong. They have every corner covered in house. You name it, they have it."

Environment (Band 3)

Noted for its considerable environmental law expertise covering brownfield developments, CERCLA cost recovery and CEQA matters. Further able to advise on general environmental issues including air quality, water quality and energy-related law.

"The [specific area] environmental partners, as well as the whole team, are very responsive and great to work with. Their ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money is very strong. They are very reasonable when it comes to cost. Their commercial awareness is very strong. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives is very strong."

"Their service is top notch. Their ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money is very strong. They are very impressive in this regard."

"The environmental team is the best in class, with deep knowledge and experience with complex matters."

Media & Entertainment: Litigation (Band 3)

Highly respected litigation team capable of representing talent as well as corporate clients in a wide array of disputes, including intellectual property, contractual, accounting and defamation litigation. It represents video game and digital media companies, in addition to its long-standing expertise in film and television. The team often acts on behalf of the estates of musicians, writers and producers in disputes about the ownership and exploitation of content.

"They are the absolute best, no other firm has attorneys that are quite as responsive. Their ability to deliver to budget and provide overall value for money is very strong. The work is done efficiently and we never feel over-charged."

"The attorneys at Greenberg Glusker are extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. They also deal well with other attorneys whenever conflicting issues arise."

"They are definitely subject matter experts for entertainment-related matters."

Real Estate (Band 4)

Greenberg Glusker possesses a well-regarded practice, capable of servicing clients in an array of real estate matters. These include acquisitions, financing and leasing transactions.

"We love working with them. They provide good value for money. We like that they jump on stuff really fast. They manage to provide great help right away. We love the speed."

"Their ability to handle complex and sophisticated matters is very strong. They provided excellent counsel and thorough review of documents. The depth and breadth of their team is very strong."