Dershowitz faces some hurdles in defamation case against CNN

September 23, 2020Article
Daily Journal

Greenberg Glusker litigation partner, Doug Mirell, has penned the article, "Dershowitz faces some hurdles in defamation case against CNN," published by the Daily Journal on September 23, 2020.


On September 15, lawyers for emeritus Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz filed an eight-page, $300-million defamation complaint against Cable News Network in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The gravamen of Dershowitz's complaint is that CNN intentionally and selectively edited a portion of the argument presented by him during his January 29 defense of President Donald Trump before the U.S. Senate to make it appear that Dershowitz "believed and argued that as long as the President believes his reelection is in the public interest, that he could do anything at all -- including illegal acts - and be immune from impeachment."

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