Did Dominion Dominate Fox?

April 20, 2023Article
Daily Journal

Litigation partner and First Amendment expert Doug Mirell authored "Did Dominion dominate Fox?," a column published by the Los Angeles Daily Journal. In his column, Mirell addressed the $787.5 million settlement that Dominion Voting Systems will receive as a result of resolving its $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News Network and its parent entity, Fox Corporation.


“The Dominion settlement certainly represents a windfall for Staple Street Capital, the private equity fund that owns Dominion. Given its 76% ownership stake in Dominion, Staple Street is poised to see a 1,442% return on its initial investment.”

“According to all press reports, Dominion did not procure any form of retraction, correction, or apology from FNN or FC. This inexplicable omission flies in the face of what one typically sees in publicly disclosed out-of-court defamation settlements...In this case, paying $787.5 million apparently means never having to say you’re sorry.”