Environmental Due Diligence: Stories From The Field

May 23, 2024Media Mention
Environmental Social Justice

Environmental Partner, Brian Moskal, was interviewed by Wendy Nystrom, host of Environmental Social Justice. Brian discussed the importance of environmental site assessments.


Could you explain what a phase one environmental site assessment is?

When someone or a company is acquiring property, generally commercial or industrial property, one of the important things to do is conduct environmental due diligence to make sure that you're not buying a sort of money trap from an environmental perspective. The phase one, as the name implies, is the first step in doing that. It entails hiring an environmental consultant who does a site visit at the property to look for issues that suggest there might be an environmental problem and then also pulls historical records from local agencies, state and federal agencies, aerial photographs, and phone books to see who was operating at the property. The ultimate goal is to figure out if there is a reasonable possibility of an environmental problem at the property before you buy it and become strictly liable for it.