Galette v. Goodell: Federal Judge Tosses Athlete's $300M Racial Bias Suit

May 2, 2023Article
Professional Sports and the Law

Litigation Partner James Molen authored "Galette v. Goodell: Federal Judge Tosses Athlete's $300M Racial Bias Suit" in Professional Sports and the Law.


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in public awareness and discourse surrounding issues of race and discrimination within various industries, including professional sports. One high-profile case that has drawn attention to these issues is that of Galette v. Goodell, in which former NFL linebacker, Junior Galette, alleged that he was subjected to racial discrimination by the league. Unfortunately for Galette, his case failed to make it past the pleading stage. Nevertheless, it does shed light on the experiences of Black athletes who continue to face barriers and bias within the NFL.

While not Galette's first tangle with the NFL (he was previously suspended by the league for two games in 2015 after a domestic violence charge that was later dropped), Galette's recently dismissed lawsuit certainly marked his most ambitious confrontation.