Gawker on trial: Hulk Hogan sex tapes ‘very amusing’ and ‘newsworthy’

March 11, 2016Article
The Washington Post

Gawker would never publish a sex tape of a child celebrity, former Editor-in-Chief Albert James “A.J.” Daulerio said. The site may be celebrated and scorned for publishing things older, stodgier media outlets wouldn’t — like an illicitly-obtained Hulk Hogan sex tape — but it does have standards. Including a standard for kids.

“At what age?” an attorney for the wrestler asked Daulerio in a taped deposition that was screened for jurors at Hogan’s $100 million lawsuit over the tape.

“Four,” Daulerio replied, according to a transcript of the exchange. “No 4-year-old sex tapes,” the lawyer, Douglas E. Mirell, said. “Okay.”

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