Greenberg Glusker Partner, Priya Sopori, Provides Commentary on Cuomo's Sexual Harassment Allegations

March 1, 2021Media Mention
Associated Press (AP)

Former Federal prosecutor and Greenberg Glusker partner, Priya Sopori, recently provided commentary to Associated Press regarding the sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. Attorney General Letitia James is expected to receive a formal referral to conduct an independent investigation into this matter. 


"When the governor made his apology, it was very much focused on his intention," she said.  "With respect to sexual harassment, the legal standard, and intention of the alleged perpetrator has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not that sexual harassment occurred."

"He mentioned that he appreciated that women were speaking out, that their voices were being heard. I think from a PR perspective, that was probably a good idea. From what we've read in the press about the attorney general, she is determined to run an independent investigation and not to be influenced by politics. And if that's true, then she's going to do a deep dive into the governor's office, into his personnel, his staff, and she's going to have to use those standards of sexual harassment that are in place in New York to determine whether or not the governor treats everyone the same way."

View the video interview here