Guest Column: Lisa Marie Presley’s Estate Battle Gets Messier

April 27, 2023Article
The Hollywood Reporter

Benny Roshan, Trusts & Estates Litigation Chair, authored a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter discussing the petition filed after Lisa Marie Presley's untimely death.


Lisa Marie Presley’s tragic, untimely death continues to take sad twists and turns. As a “legacy celebrity,” there is heightened public interest in her death and, in the four months since her passing, countless articles have been written about Lisa Marie’s estate and rampant speculation continues to surround her affairs.

When I wrote a THR guest piece earlier this year describing California’s postmortem procedures in light of this matter, my inner idealist thought it would be the last time I would speak of Lisa Marie Presley’s estate. My practical side had a hunch we would see a lot more. The reality, of course, appears to be even messier than one would expect.

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