Homegrown Success

May 20, 2024Media Mention
Daily Journal

In celebration of the firm's 65th anniversary, Partners Sally James and Norm Levine were interviewed by Daily Journal. The feature highlighted their experiences at Greenberg Glusker and the firm's continued growth.


"The firms that were like us 30, 40, 50 years ago - most of them are long gone or absorbed," Levine said. "Or in some instances, they've opened lots of offices in lots of places. We haven't done that. We haven't seen any advantage to it."

"We really care about people - both colleagues and clients," said James, who is a member of the firm's recruiting committee. "The type of lawyers we're attracting - it's people that really, really care. ...And yes, we are motivated by financials, but I think we're also motivated by creating attorneys that are going to be here long-term and have happy and successful lives - both on the job and outside, whether that's with families or other interests."