How to Future-Proof the Legal Industry: Top Takeaways from the Thomson Reuters Marketing Partner Forum 2021

September 13, 2021Media Mention
The National Law Review

Director of Marketing, Sheenika Gandhi, recently attended the Thomson Reuters Marketing Partner Forum, which was centered on firm profitability and client development as the industry is navigating its way out of the pandemic. Sheenika shared takeaways regarding how technology has helped her progress business development initiatives, the impact of leveraging data, innovative ideas to create unconventional methods of meeting to foster communication, and building upon ideas to enrich them instead of outright saying no. 


“Law firms are more critical about the gala events and CLE lunches because they can stay in front of their contacts with webinars. Even the break-out room structure in Zoom opened up a new avenue for small group networking."

“Being able to strategically place attorneys with relevant contacts instead of hoping they would run into someone at a large reception was a huge benefit.”

“I also think many law firms started investing internally in terms of technology integrations so data could talk to each other and also business development training and coaching,” she said.

“For example, instead of saying ‘no’ to an idea, consider saying ‘yes, and…’ to help build on the idea to make it better. When the idea turns from ‘my idea” to “our idea,’ it will have a better chance of getting done,” Ms. Gandhi said.

“Other practical ideas included: going for a walk with someone instead of a meeting in a conference room; host a brown bag breakfast and ask your team to talk about what they’ve seen recently that was an innovation; and avoid emails and meetings for a set time each day or week, so there is time to think.”

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