Hulk Hogan's Lead Lawyer Explains How His Team Beat "Arrogant," "Defiant" Gawker (Guest Column)

April 5, 2016Article
The Hollywood Reporter

Gawker Media posted a 1 minute, 41 second video of Terry Bollea, professionally known as Hulk Hogan, in a bedroom, sans clothing and engaged in a private activity with a woman. Gawker knew Bollea had been secretly filmed and objected to the video's release, but Gawker posted it anyway, claiming it was protected "journalism."

What followed was three and a half years of litigation, a massive jury verdict and the possible end of a media company once valued at more than $250 million. If Gawker had simply removed the video, as Bollea's lawyers requested, litigation would not have ensued. But Gawker was defiant from day one and remains defiant today. It has never apologized or admitted wrongdoing and likely never will. This is why a lawsuit was filed, why the case went to trial and why a jury awarded $140 million in damages.

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