Inside China and Hollywood’s Frayed Relationship: ‘We Need to Stop Trying to Keep the Status Quo, Because the Status Quo Is Gone’

December 21, 2021Media Mention

Entertainment Partner, Sky Moore, shared his expertise with Variety regarding frictions surrounding China and the U.S., in addition to the impending 'decoupling' of the Chinese film industry from the world as the focus moves towards utilizing resources within China under President Xi Jinping's leadership. This move will also lead China to be less likely to allow U.S. based films to enter into their country. 


“Xi Jinping’s goal is absolutely to have Chinese films play worldwide just like Hollywood movies, so that China can exert soft power and replace Hollywood. There’s no way they’re going to be cooperative going forward, allowing U.S. films into China."

“Some films will get through, but they’ll be ones China likes, when they want, and there’ll be fewer and fewer until the tap gets shut off completely, the way it’s being shut off this year.”

“Without question, every investment that they made was tied to getting this sort of information. Every single one."

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