Is Paris Hilton’s $160,000 Bill for Blowing Off Publicity Services Her Best Damages Award Forever?

October 11, 2010Article
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Let’s play a little game: think of the best movie you saw in 2006, but don’t say it out loud (and I hope you don’t blindly follow those plebeians at the Academy). Now let me guess…(cue think music)…I’ve got it! It was National Lampoon’s Pledge This!, starring Paris Hilton, right?

Wait, what did you say? You didn’t see that movie? Impossible.

How could you resist this comedic gem which features Paris as therich and sexy leader of the Gamma Gammas at South Beach University? Come on, they were voted America’s hottest sorority by FHM magazine, and the misadventures that flow from winning that fictional title are undeniably scintillating.

And surely you must have been aching for more Paris after her star turns in Bottoms Up andHouse of Wax (the equally unforgettable The Hottie & the Nottie came later, of course). Unless…aha! I think I know what the problem was — Paris just didn’t do enough to promote the film. If only she would have hit the press circuit a little harder, there would have been a wildly successful theatrical release, and you would have ran out and dropped $19.99 for your own personal copy.

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