Karina Sterman List of Written Articles

1998- 2015Article
Various Publications
  • “Back to School Special Edition": Teaching Supervisors When To Contact The Human Resources Department,” Employment Law Reporter, September 2015

  • “Heads, You Lose! Tails, I Win!” No Matter Which Way You Play It, The Department Of Labor Interpretation Of Independent Contractor Arrangements Usually Concludes They’re Employees,” Employment Law Reporter, July 2015

  • “Abercrombie & Fitch’s ‘Look Policy’ Needs A Makeover After The Supreme Court Looked At It,” Employment Law Reporter, June 2015

  • “EEOC Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Employer Wellness Programs — Some Employers Don’t Feel So Good As a Result,” Employment Law Reporter, May 2015

  • “A New EEOC Task Force for Strategies to Prevent and Correct Harassment in the Workplace is Being Created: This is an Opportunity for Employers to Implement Proactive Measures Now that Will Save them Money Later.,” Employment Law Reporter, March 2015

  • “An IIPP? What’s an IIPP? It’s something confusing that oughtn’t be!,” Employment Law Reporter, December 2014

  • “Titles Matter for Books, Not for Employers (or, How to be Jointly Liable as an Employer Even if You’d Rather Not Be,” Employment Law Reporter, October 2014

  • “The Supremes Sing Out About Control: It is the Primary Test for Deciding Whether a Worker is an Employee or an Independent Contractor,” Employment Law Reporter, July 2014

  • “Pre-Hire Peril: Avoid Self-Sabotage Through Background Checks,” Employment Law Reporter, April 2014

  • “Got Class? Wage and Hour Class Actions in a Post-Brinker World,” Employment Law Reporter, February 2014

  • “The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Controversial Supreme Court Ruling Brings Employers Back to Original Guidelines About Arbitration Agreements,” Employment Law Reporter, November 2013

  • “Don’t Have Rules and Policies Unless You Are Prepared to Discipline Those Who Break Them,” Employment Law Reporter, August 2013

  • “’We won! Wait, no we lost!’: The Narrative Arc of a Disability Discrimination Lawsuit,” Employment Law Reporter, April 2013

  • “Pregnant With Practical Possibilities,” Employment Law Reporter, March 2013

  • “To Party or Not to Party? That is the Holiday Question,” Employment Law Reporter, December 2012

  • “Top Twenty Hiring Mistakes," Employment Law Reporter, April 2012

  • “Written Statement Required at Time of Hire,” Employment Law Reporter, December 2011

  • “U.S. Supreme Court Works Its Magic On Class Actions One Case At A Time, But Offers No Magic Bullet For Employers Just Yet,” Employment Law Reporter, August 2011

  • “Employers Beware: The Threat of Nationwide Class Actions,” Los Angeles Daily Journal, 2011

  • “Evolving Employment Law” chapter in The Impact of Recent Regulatory Developments in Employment Law, Aspatore Books, 2009

  • “Optimizing Employee Training To Account For Cultural Differences,” Author, Corporate Compliance Insights, September 4, 2009

  • California Forms of Jury Instruction on Trade Secrets (co-author), California Forms of Jury Instruction, Matthew Bender & Company, Chapter 44, May 2008 (attorney practice section of the Judicial Council Publication, recommended for use by all Superior Court judges throughout the State of California)

  • “Civil Procedure: High Court Case Summaries,” Co-author, West Group, 1998

  • Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, Contributor