Katie Hill Is Suing Her Ex and Two Media Outlets

December 28, 2020Media Mention
Los Angeles Magazine

Litigation Partner Doug Mirell provided Los Angeles Magazine with expert legal commentary regarding a lawsuit filed by former Santa Clarita Congresswoman Katie Hill against her ex-husband and the owners of the Daily Mail and the conservative blog RedState for distributing photos of her she argues constitute “nonconsensual porn.”

“It’s creative,” says Doug Mirell, a well-known free-speech attorney in Los Angeles who represented Hulk Hogan in his landmark invasion-of-privacy case against Gawker Media involving a sex tape. “If Heslep is the source of everything and he’s the one who is responsible exclusively for the initial distribution, then everybody else down the food chain doesn’t have liability for this,” Mirell said. “But they are essentially saying all of these conspirators should be treated as the initial distributor.”

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